Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here We Go

Is the web as good as it could be? are web sites working well? Why are conversion rates so low?
I'll probably write about a lot of stuff here - Behavioral Targeting, Web Analytics, BI, Web Marketing and Sales, Online Behavior and much more but the main discussion area will always be the same.

I think the web can get much better, I think web-sites must be more REACTIVE, I think we are not leveraging online behavior to get better results, give better service or find more answers.

I believe we can leverage the web.

After thinking about these subjects a lot and working in the hi-tech community for a long while I've also decided to try and make a difference myself, as part of ActiveInsight, a start up company which developes a products that detects and reacts to online behavior.

In this blog I will try to share my thoughts and experiences in the above areas and maybe more, I hope some of you find it interesting and helpfull.


Mike Telem