Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazing the Optimist

a. Customer behavior is valuable - every one agrees.
b. Customers interact over the web - every one agrees.
c. Detecting and reacting to online customer behavior is important - again, agreement.
a+b+c= There must already be something that does this - Amazingly...There isnt.
This post is not about a company or a product, it is about one of those things that everyone agrees is needed, some even rationalize it to already exist yet oddly enough it does not. and I was amazed to find just how badly it is needed and how few, if any, solutions deliver it, especially now that recession hits and companies look to better utilize the online channel
It being real-time reactions to online behavior.

I am usually quite the optimist, in life as well as at work. Working as a business development manager for several years made me even more optimistic - you have to be to try and create new business, BUT all of this optimism wasn't enough to stop me from being AMAZED once I the actual situation with enterprizes and ISV's.
It seems that this basic understanding of the value of customer behavior, the fact that customers are behaving more and more over the web and the low conversion rates in current web sites did not boil strongly enough to produce relevant solutions or maybe its steam was used in other directions.

Ill try to give some examples in my next post...